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This is the home of Sister of Darkness, owner of Darkness Design and the BlackRavenWing (BRW) brand/logo. I am a selftaught 3d Artist and 3d Content designer. I started in 2003 with 2d graphics until in 2005 I stumbled over 3d or better i discovered Daz|Studio and i haven't looked back since. I also use Carrara and Bryce on occasions but Daz|Studio is my tool of trade. Around about 2007 I took up 3dArt more seriously. I create Texture expansions for Clothing and Hair, as well i create Character sets for V4, Genesis and Genesis 2.
Recently i have started to create custom face morphs and to learn 3d Modelling which is still in its early stages. But i hope in the future to create exciting clothing and accessories.
I still regard it as a hobby as i don't like to be pressured into being creative. My Muse is a very sensitive little creature who buggers off as soon she gets annoyed.


Since 2012 i am the proud owner of a Nikon D3100. You can find my photographic work in all of the galleries.

3D Content Stores

Here a list of all the stores i sell my products.

Other Hobbies

I love knitting, in fact i am crazy about knitting. In my blog, you can find projects i am working on as well as free to use patterns. My Knitting Blog
I have recently opened two eBid stores. One store is dedicated to items i have made myself, leftover materials and vintage knitting patterns. The other is my 2nd Hand declutter store. The link will send you to my eBid profile.

Freebies and Forums

A selection of links to freebies sites and 3d related forums